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So, you’ve selected the place where you’ll spend the next few years of your life. Now the fun part begins — becoming familiar with the campuses and forming exciting relationships that’ll last a lifetime. Here are easy ways to break the ice and get involved in your new community:

Orientation. Even if you live far away, try to attend both academic and social orientation. The first will get you on track for academic success throughout the year, while the second is tons of fun and makes sure you’ll have someone to talk to on the first day of classes.

College life. Bigger universities can be harder to navigate, which is why York has nine smaller colleges to help you ease into your new environment. They’re organized loosely by majors, so chances are you have lots in common with the people in yours. Check out local events, clubs and hang outs in your college to start feeling at home.

Join a club or team. Participating in a club is a great way to make friends and start building your resume. And a diverse campus like York has 300+ clubs – everything from Quidditch to feminism to salsa dancing. Meanwhile, there’s a York Lions team for every sport, recreational activity and skill level to help you get fit and de-stress during exam season.

 Get a job. Follow your passion, earn some extra money and get a job that relates to your degree with a part-time gig on campus. York offers work/study positions, research assistantships and jobs for international students. There are also many organizations on campus that hire students in almost any industry you can think of, from radio broadcasting to politics and community leadership.

 Participate in free events. Enjoy events perfect for tight student budgets without leaving campus. Check out concerts, movies, art galleries and York’s own observatory (free!) throughout the year for unique and affordable good times.

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