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How To Make The Right Decision

How To Make The Right Decision When You Receive Your Acceptance Letter

After all your hard work getting good grades, putting together your application and deciding which schools to apply for, you’ve been accepted — congratulations! But now how can you make what feels like one of the most important decisions of your life?

Obviously, you like the program and the school enough to have applied. Here are some key things to consider beyond these basics that will make your postsecondary experience truly memorable and successful:

  1. Practical opportunities. Don’t want to have to go to college after four years of university just to get a job in your field? Pick a university that offers experiential learning, meaning things like co-op, internships and work placements. And don’t discount the value of class-based skills development. For example, did you know that York’s Professional Writing program has a fourth-year course where students actually publish a book together as a class?
  1. Strong support systems. A great university should enable you to achieve your highest goals, but it should also help when you face a low point. Check out what support is available through the career centre; writing centre; and for people who have permanent or temporary physical, learning or mental health disabilities. And don’t forget about financial support, which is just as important for completing your education. Be sure to check out available scholarships, awards and work/study opportunities.
  1. Research daily life. Get a feel for what your life would be like. Visit the campus, tour the classrooms you’ll be attending, explore food options, and scope out the gym facilities. Hop online and browse through course descriptions, and see if you can speak to one or two professors in your department to get a glimpse of their teaching and mentorship style.
  1. Explore outside the classroom. What kind of things would you like to do besides academics? Discover extra-curricular options like sports teams, intramurals, college life, and clubs.

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