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Factors to Consider When Choosing a University

Choosing a university is one of the most monumental decisions you’ll ever make. With an array schools to choose from and so many elements to consider, the decision is not easy. There are a whirlwind of factors that come into play like: selecting a program that will land you a job after graduation; considering the school’s reputation and quality of teaching; choosing a path that you are passionate about; and finding an environment you’re comfortable in to enjoy the complete university experience.

With so many external pressures and uncertainties for this big transition in life, you definitely need a helpful guide.  Consider these elements to help make the leap to a university that is right for you:

Teaching and learning innovation
In today’s competitive job market, gaining hands-on experience is crucial. Whether it’s in-class learning from expert professors in the field through case studies and speakers or out of class experiences, York University offers innovative course design. It combines theoretical knowledge and practical applications to set students up to be career ready upon graduation. Students can apply what they learn in the classroom to work-focused applications like local and global internships or co-ops, community focused learning, international exchanges, lab work and research options as well as over 1900 jobs available on campus.

Unique cross-disciplinary programs
Being passionate about what you do whether in school, work or life is a driving force for success. But what if you have multiple passions? Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your skills from different areas to acquire a unique differentiating factor? York University allows you to take courses from a range of different areas and offers blended degrees. This lets students tailor their learning to connect with their passions and study in programs that will land them a job in expected and unexpected career areas.

Dynamic research community
One of the fundamental goals of a university is to promote life-long learning and one of the key ways to achieve that is ongoing research and development. As a recognized leader in collaborative research, social innovation and knowledge mobilization, York University has international rankings for strengths in a range of disciplines from arts, to humanities, to social sciences, to business, to law and many more. With more than 280 universities partnerships world-wide, students contribute to constant change about how we think about everything in life.

Supportive environment
Making the leap to university and the next big step in life can be a nerve racking process for many incoming students. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and ensure that the university you choose will facilitate a positive learning environment. That is why community engagement is a key priority for York University students, providing the clubs, mentors and tools to support students.
The path to one’s future is never straight or clear cut. To set yourself up for a dream job and life consider not only how you’ll survive your education, but what will turn you into a successful graduate to thrive in the work world.


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