A Decade of Community

It’s All About ‘We’

In 2016, York alumnus, comedian and YouTube star Lilly Singh visited York’s Keele campus on Red & White Day, inspiring students to change the world and speaking about her efforts to end girl-on-girl hate.

Oct. 3, 2016 – “Since graduating, I have had a pretty crazy life; I have had the privilege of doing some wonderful things,” said Singh, listing her billion YouTube views, a visit to the White House, meeting rap superstar Drake, her friendship with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and giving voice to a pair of unicorns in the popular animated movie Ice Age. But one of the coolest things she said was being able to use her celebrity status to advance a campaign to end girl-on-girl hate, which she called the #GirlLove challenge.

Singh challenged the students to adopt the #GirlLove attitudes to defeat girl-on-girl hate, which she said she experienced in high school and thought was a normal part of life. Girl-on-girl hate and suppression of girls and women is a global issue, she said.

“Horrible things happen to women in the world. They can’t go to school, they are forced into work at an early age, they are abused,” she said. “Girl-on-girl hate needs to end and everyone needs to come together.”

There are three ways to spread #GirlLove, said Singh, including turning jealousy into a compliment, supporting other women and making a special effort to make others feel welcome. “Instead of getting bitter, get better,” she said. “Women do face unique issues and gender equality issues affect everyone.”

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